There are Events & Happenings going on in Sedona all year round. For a complete list of Sedona activities click on the following links:

Indian Ruins
There are numerous ancient ruins in this region dating back thousands of years. Come explore and be fascinated by another world.

Red Rock Formations
The famous Red Rocks of Sedona were created millions of years ago by geographical forces. Early pioneers gave them colorful names.

State Parks
Discover the breath-taking beauty of our State Parks.

Other Landmarks


  • Verde Canyon Rail Road — The Verde Canyon is acclaimed as Arizona’s longest-running nature show. The remote wilderness of the Verde Canyon, located west of Sedona and below Jerome, is renowned for its towering red rock pinnacles; clean, green waters; Indian ruins, tunnels, trestles and clear azure skies.
  • Hiking and Mountain Biking — Sedona has miles and miles of absolutely stunning hiking and biking trails. We and our staff have logged many a mile around here. We have our favorites and are happy to share them with you. One of our favorite equipment resources is The Hike House – right across the street from the Inn Above Oak Creek.
  • Birding — According to the Northern Arizona Audubon Society, our elevation and riparian habitats attract a spectacular variety of birds and thus, good birding any time of the year.
  • Golf — Ask anybody who knows Arizona golf including the two 18 hole courses in Sedona and they’ll tell you two things: Sedona golf is an excellent value and it’s played on three beautiful courses:
  • The Oak Creek Country Club
  • The Sedona Golf Resort
  • Seven Canyons Sedona
  • The Museum of Northern Arizona — People of all ages and interests celebrate art and the cultures of Hopi, Navajo, Pai, Zuni, Hispanic, and prehistoric peoples. Discover the secrets of dinosaurs, geology, fossils, and native plants and animals.
  • Gettin' Out There — Several jeep companies and horse stables take our guests into the back country. Other guests like hot air balloons, helicopters, or bi-planes. Basically, if it moves they have it in Sedona. For more information on Sedona and all it has to offer, visit Gateway to Sedona.


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